Does This Describe Your Internet Marketing Business?

If you run a Search Engine Optimization business it is time to close it down and do something else. Google is about to change the game dramatically. But if you don’t run a SEO firm, you still have to change. The shift in what Google is doing is of seismic proportions and will require anyone doing business online to radically re-think what they are doing.

Community Property. Put simply, once married, under Community Property law, you and your spouse are in effect, no longer two separate people; rather, you are considered one single economic unit. This means that half of everything you earn or that increases in value during your marriage belongs to your spouse, even if he or she did nothing but watch daytime soaps the whole time. This includes the business online items below.

Second, you must not only ask for referrals, but ask for them at the most advantageous time. Too many people make the devastating mistake of asking for referrals at a time that defeats their efforts.

Become a virtual assistant and get paid to work for companies from the comfort of your own home. Many businesses prefer telecommuting employees over those who drive to work. As a virtual assistant you can provide your talents to businesses and get paid to do things such as typing, answering the phone, bookkeeping, and so on.

In March 2010 Pinterest was launched and unexpectedly rose in popularity for both personal as well as IFC use. Pinterest is just a baby at 2 years old!

The 2 x 14 matrix is about the two positions under them at their first level which everyone has but it goes 14 deep. As soon as those 2 positions are filled, “which happens rapidly” the single place for each person to fall into is this matrix is under those two people, and that is what Stiforp profits calls spillover.

These are just some of the things you want to give attention to as you develop your presence on the World Wide Web. My next article will focus on writing press releases, generating search engine traffic and getting listed in various online directories. Then, we will discuss writing a blog, producing an online newsletter, creating a sales funnel and embarking on joint ventures.

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